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The plane was an Antonov operated by Tarom 24RV with 52 passengers. It was so damaged by the landin

Aurelia Grigore sea surface temperature data stewardess repeatedly recalled the incident: "We took off at six in the afternoon, and the flight was normal. We were preparing for landing and then I noticed that the plane was coming too hard to track. After so many years of flying, feel the slightest difference. I felt you put wheels on the ground and you immediately rose again. He did so several times, until it stopped, "she recalled in 2005
Once you have evacuated the passengers panic, flight attendants returned to help his three colleagues sea surface temperature data cockpit. "Their cabin was on fire and we lost all hope it can be saved," she said. Ten minutes copilot appeared at the window, trying in vain to escape. "We said that he caught his foot and can not be issued. I tried to help him, but I could not do anything. Eventually he managed to escape and throw huge cabin in flames. sea surface temperature data Was burned, could not watch it. It was awful ... The other two officers were burned alive in the cabin our eyes ... ". The co-pilot and he died the next day from burns.
Another variant of the accident was described by John Bodochi, head of technical means Cluj Airport, which witnessed the incident. "It was a bad landing," he said, for "The plane came to a head and the front wheel went into the cabin. Without sea surface temperature data the wheel, the aircraft stopped crawling and pillars of the cornfield, about 300 meters from the runway. The pilots were in the cabin and could not reach them, "said Bodochi the same source.
I asked the airport director, David Ciceo, where the accident of 1986 taught something concrete airport employees that improve safety measures in such cases. "First it was a pilot error, was an incident that kept the airline," said Ciceo to start discussion. "It is appreciated that the flight attendants were very well managed event, so that the passengers were safely evacuated. Airline and airport have taken all necessary measures, which is very important sea surface temperature data is that he has not been any major incident of this magnitude, the airport in Cluj, although traffic increased faorte more; it had 30,000 passengers a year, we now have 30,000 passengers during the summer in a week, with many movements. We are prepared to handle any event, do exercises very broad, with absolutely all forces, is the most complex in the county - hospitals, prosecution, consulates, church - are the largest exercises in the county. "
In addition, says Ciceo compared to 1986, all airlines have greatly improved safety measures in all respects. "There sea surface temperature data could be an accident," he adds.
Firefighters said when the fire started from a short in the control panel. After 25 years, however, the case, because there was such a file due to research led by a military prosecutor, was destroyed. After a few years in the archives to Cluj Tribunal Prosecutor, the case reached the archives of Pitesti and then destroyed.
The plane was an Antonov operated by Tarom 24RV with 52 passengers. It was so damaged by the landing and the fire that followed, that could not be repaired. sea surface temperature data Here's the crash, as it appears in the annals of flight sea surface temperature data incident: "The aircraft landed with its nose wheel in the airport in Cluj. It is a fire that killed three crew members who were trapped in the cabin. "
Another tragic plane crash took place in January, in Apuseni Mountains, on the border counties of Cluj and Alba, where an airplane bathroom, sea surface temperature data five doctors on board, a pilot and co-pilot, crashed in the woods. By the time rescue crews arrived at the scene, the driver and a young Adrian Jovan voluntary Ion Aurelia died. Read here all the details of the accident
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